Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello, my name is Natsuki Izumino. I am a university student in Gifu Prefecture in Japan. I have lived in Ogaki for 20 years old. It is Ogaki city in Gifu. There are 160,000 people living there. It is compared to Tokyo, Ogaki is small rural town, but we have a lot of nature such as rice field, parks, green, and Ogaki is surrounded by several mountains and Ibi river. First, we produce some foods such as persimmons and pears, and water in our town is very clean, so we can grow rice with a chemical-free. Second, there are 4500 Brazilians in Ogaki, so some Brazilian children learn with Japanese children in elementary school or junior high school. That is interesting, and it is a good chance for children to communicate with foreigners. Those are just a little news about Ogaki. Therefore, I would like to introduce much more about my hometown in this blog.


  1. I think you mean to say that the Ibi River surrounds Ogaki, not some exotic form of liver!? But I agree, Ogaki is a pleasant city, in part becaue of the many Brazilians living there.

  2. Wow I didn't know such a famous hiking festival!! How many population of poercentage usually take prat in it?
    I'm interested in this hiking festival!!