Friday, October 23, 2009


This is the Ogaki news!
The walking festival took place in October 18th in Ogaki. The festival was shown to commemorate the 320 years memories of “Okunohosomichi”. It was written by Matsuo Bashou. He was a haiku poet in the Edo period. He traveled around many regions and he wrote haikus. He wrote in his diaries when he traveled around Japan. “Okunohosomichi” is a one of his diaries. He quit writing “Okunohosomichi” when he reached Ogaki. Today, Ogaki take place the walking festival every year. Many citizens of Ogaki took part in it, and they walked Tarui station through Ogaki station. They walked around a distance of 13.4 kilometers. Fortunately, it was a beautiful weather, so it was a good day for walking around.
I think that it is a good chance to exercise and to notice Ogaki’s history. According to the news, most of the participants are with their family and friends. We have the walking festival in Ogaki every year. Why don’t you join in it with your friends next year?


  1. Ogaki is especially nice for walking because of the many little pieces of art along the canal banks that the city council has erected. I like the bells along one bridge I sometimes cross.

  2. I think it's good to know that Matsuo Basho quited writing “Okunohosomichi” when he reached Ogaki. Thank you!

  3. I didn't know the festival though I live very close to Ogaki. Ogaki has a lot of festivals which is related to Basho and I know some good places to see. Let's join the festival next year.

  4. people must have had a good time in Ogaki.
    it was sunny day, and walk along beautiful cites. its a insentive event.

  5. I didn't know that festival is held in there.
    I am also interested in Matsuo Bashou's diary. 13.4 kilometers walking is good for our helth, and to notice Ogaki's history!