Monday, November 16, 2009


I’m going to report about the best Chinese noodle restaurant in Ogaki! The restaurant is named ‘Nakamura-Ya’. Have you ever heard about the name? It’s the most famous Chinese noodle restaurant for ‘tsukemen’ in Ogaki.
Tsukemen is a kind of Chinese noodles. They separate noodles and soup like this. (First picture) You can eat it a same way as ‘soba’. Just dip the noodles in a soup, and taste is really good. Especially the soup is a rich taste, and the original noodles are delicious and chewy.

In addition, when you visit there at lunch time, you can eat original rice balls for free. At last, when you visit there, you should be surprised at that you have to line up to eat “tsukemen” at lunch time particularly, even if it’s on usual days, because the word on the street that Nakamura-Ya has really great ‘tsukemen’ was running through other prefectures such as Osaka and Aichi prefectures.
When you visit Ogaki, it’s a chance to eat ‘tsukemen’ at NAKAMURAYA!

Nakamura-Ya is in front of the Ogaki Hospital and next to a convenience store.
2-58-1, Terauchi-cho, Oogaki-city, Gifu


  1. yammy yammy! Your picture looks so delisious!
    In the winter, i often feel like to eat Chinese noodle.

  2. You call this kind of noodles "Chinese noodles". Is there also an original "Japanese noodle"?

  3. yeah I've heard name of Nakamura-ya!I actually prefer the tsukemen than a soup-noodle.haha However the tsukemen is little bit expensive for me..

  4. I think it's just different terms, isn't it?
    I'm also curious to know the differences.

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  6. I!ve been there before it became popular. Now there is always a long que in front of the restaurant. I was quite lucky.