Monday, November 9, 2009


We started teaching Japanese for FREE in Ogaki. Many Brazilian people live in Seinou area in Gifu. However, some of them lost their jobs due to the worsening economy these days. Therefore, an international association of Ogaki gave the lessons for Brazilian at “HIRO Gakuen”, and the lessons are intended for the unemployed. “HIRO Gakuen” is a name of school in Ogaki, and the school opens for Brazilian children on usual days.

They took the lessons twice a week, and each 3 hours. They learned about basic Japanese like the way of filling in resumes. In addition, while they were taking the lessons, they could leave their children in the school. I think it’s a great system of education, and it’s convenient for women who have children.

The article appeared on February, 10th 2009, so the lessons are already closed now. This is a Japanese lessons in Ogaki, but we have other volunteer works that teaching Japanese to foreigners. I hope that it will be increasing more like the volunteer works.


  1. i was surprised when i heard the munber of foreighner living in your city.
    so its a good activity that citizen teach them Japanese.

  2. There is a need for Brazilian people to learn Japanese, especially those who were made redundant, so that's great help to them to get jobs.

  3. yeah I heard Hiro Gakuen has lots of Brazilian who wants to study Japanese. It's nice voluntter to teach Japanese for them in your city.

  4. Are there also Portuguese lessons for indigenous residents who want to learn Ogaki's second language?

  5. It's really helpful to have a Japanese class for free. We need to support each othe, although we are from different country.