Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi! Have you decided where you have a party the end of year?
In Japan, we usually have a party to forget the bad things retracing this year with our coworkers or close friends, and we welcome the next year with fresh desires! The event is called ‘bounenkai’ in Japanese. In generally, the party is held at Japanese pub. We drink alcohol, and we eat meal, and we talk about whole this year.
Now, I’m going to report about the best bar the end of year in Ogaki. A main dish of the bar is chicken. There are varieties of chicken such as Chicken Sashimi, Yakitori; chicken which are skewered, and they are burned by charcoal, Chicken Nabe; a dish cooked in a ceramic pot with chicken. (Picture 1, 2) I recommend that after you eat the Chicken Nabe, try to order rice, and add it to the Nabe. The bar is Oyadori Wakadori.
A new year is coming soon! Let’s forget your scandals about this year, and welcome a new year with a fresh mind!

When you are interested in the bar, please crick it.↓
Here is a coupon, and you can use it when you eat chicken dishes more than 4,000 yen!

7-637-1 Hayashi-machi, Ogaki, Gifu,
On the route 258 and near the intersection with route 21st.


  1. The picture looks so nice and make me hungry. Unfortunately, our bounenkai was finished in the end fo the last year. Regardless of parties, I'd like to visti the bar.

  2. How was your "bonenkai", Natsuki?
    Did you hold a Chicken party?
    People always want to name parties something like "bounenkai". In fact, it's just because we like parties.

  3. Haha I spent a prety nice bonenkai with my friends^^ How about you,Natsuki?Did you go that bar for bonenkai?

    yeah Akihito is right!We just like parties^^

  4. I like Yakitori :)
    there were lots of taste of Yakitori.
    I would like to go there.

  5. Which spelling looks better to everyone in romanised Japanese, bonenkai or bounenkai?