Monday, January 25, 2010


Can you believe that no matter how much you eat cheesecake, you cannot gain weight?
The secret of that low calorie cheesecake is tofu. Tofu is included in process of making cheesecake, so the cheesecake is known as diet cheesecake.
You can eat it at Cheesecake Princess where is located near the Suimon River in Ogaki. In addition, there is a branch in Aqua Walk where is a shopping center in front of JR Ogaki station. The cheesecake shop is immensely popular with Ogaki residence especially high school students. I think many people and women particularly love cheesecake, and I also love it.
However, many girls care about the calories of cheesecake. By now, all girls do not need care about it any more!


  1. I may know the restaurant. It was located on the way to go to my high school. Making cheese cake with tofu is nice idea. I can say that it's an ideal dessert for girls.

  2. I like cheese cakes, too, but it seems that it tastes no sweet... Is it really tasty???